Do's and dont's if your car is caught in a flood

The flood situation in the East Coast of the peninsula and Malacca seems to be subsiding as the rains have finally come to a halt and clearer skies have been forecast in the coming days.

As the critical period for flood victims comes to an end and cleaning works begin, every car-owner’s nightmare emerges: vehicles floating around in muddy flood waters and later, stacked on top of each other in odd angles in a storm’s aftermath. If you do find yourself trapped in a flooded vehicle or in rising flood waters, here are some safety tips you should consider:

1. Avoid flood waters. If you are in traffic and floods are rising, turn off the engine, get out and lock the car. Do not try to wade into the floods.

2. Go to a safe area while keeping an eye out for your car. It is not safe to stay inside a car while flood waters are raging, as this will also require you to struggle out of a car and climb on top of your vehicle. It is not safe to stay on top of a car.

3. Don’t touch the car. After your car has been submerged in flood waters or damaged in a storm, wait for the water to subside.

4. Do not start the car or open the hood to check the engine. Do no open the engine or doors since this sometimes triggers a locking mechanism.

5. Do not act as if you know it all. Resist the urge to salvage your investments by doing things to your car without professional advice, since this might lead to more problems.

6. Call an authorised or reputable repair shop or serviceman to have it towed. Leave it to professionals, they know what they are doing.

7. Have your car checked for engine breakdowns or block damage, which means you have to replace the engine.


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